Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekly Journal - Update!

This is my weekly journal. This is where one will find a glimpse into the niceties of the Expanded Universe- the quirky, intriguing, yet easily missed twists and turns of my journey.

I will continue to update this particular blog post every week, sharing the progress of my exploits. Please check back regularly for updates.

August 3rd, 2009
2 years BBY

Had an interesting two weeks. Went to the Comicon last week. Quite the experience. Managed to have a conversation with one of the Del Rey staffers about the new
Clone Wars cartoon and the continuity hellhole it created. While there was no direct comment, it will suffice to say that Del Rey does not seem pleased.

Then I got an opportunity, during the Star Wars Day panels, to ask Dave Filoni himself (director of
Clone Wars) the same question. Basically, he said he doesn't feel "beholden to the continuity" and blamed George Lucas for forcing in his ideas. Far be it from me to tell Lucas what to do with his own creation.

Once I got back, I finished reading
Han Solo At Stars' End. Awesome book- check out the review:

Next up is the rest of
The Force Unleashed. Then I'll back track for a bit and read the firts two installments of the new free e-book Lost Tribes of the Sith by John Jackson Miller. I'm excited about that because this e-book is technically the third oldest piece of EU material, timeline-wise (7000-5,000 years BBY).


  1. I'm curious to find out what you think of The Force Unleashed. As far as Star Wars games goes, The Force Unleashed ranks near the top as far as my favorite (story-wise). I've been tempted to buy the book, but haven't gotten the nerve to do so. Depending on your recommendation, I might have to finally read it.

    I also wonder how Lost Tribes is. John Jackson Miller currently writes Knights of the Old Republic for Darkhorse, which I'm a big fan of (I love KOTOR-era SW).

  2. As far as The Force Unleased goes, so far it hasn't given me much of a reason to recommend it. Especially if you've played the game. It's good, but doesn't reveal much more than the game itself.

    If you haven't played the game, you should definitely read this, or pick up the graphic novel (though I always prefer book). This is a great story and there is an awesome twist at the end!

    But stay tuned for my review sometime soon. My opinion may yet change.