Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Han Solo's Revenge

Han Solo's Revenge by Brian Daley

2 years BBY

Unfortunately, the book is not as exciting as the title suggests. I was tempted to review this book and the next book, Han Solo and the Lost Legacy, as a pair. After finishing Revenge, it seems like the last two books of the Han Solo Adventures will form a larger two-part story.

Han Solo and Chewbacca are down to their last credits. Desperate for a big break, they carelessly take a "no-questions-asked" job smuggling a mysterious cargo for 10,000 credits. Well that cargo ends up being slaves- and Han Solo doesn't do slaves. The slavers soon find that out the hard way. But, the way Han and Chewie see it, someone still owes them that 10,000 creds. With nothing but a data-disk as a lead, Solo and his first-mate head off into the Corporate Sector. But the allies and enemies they meet along the way are more than they seem.

As a stand alone book, Revenge was mediocre, especially when compared to Stars' End. I wouldn't say anything turned me away from this book, it's just that nothing turned me on to it. But, alas, there are some very good qualities to this adventure. Firstly, there's something unavoidably intriguing and nostalgic about reading a Star Wars book written in 1979. Secondly, this book is an easy read. Not only is Daley's writing smooth, clear and engaging, but the book is only 200 pages long. This further leads me to believe Revenge was only Part 1 of a larger story with Lost Legacy, while Stars' End is more stand alone (though all three, obviously, share a story setting and character roster). Finally, I always dig kool baddies. This time around its an infamous gunslinger named Gallandro, with a draw so fast even Han thinks twice about challenging him:

Keeping all this in mind, I'm going to postpone my final judgement on this book until I finish Lost Legacy, hopefully later this week!

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