Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An Introduction

Two years ago, I decided to begin a journey that has literally changed my life. I've always been a Star Wars fan and I've seen the movies millions of times. So I thought I'd expand my horizons a bit. Little did I know, I got hooked...

This journey begins, like all journeys should, at the very beginning. I started reading a graphic novel series called Tales of the Jedi, which encompasses Star Wars history dating all the way back to 25,000 years Before the Battle of Yavin, Episode IV (BBY) up until about 1,000 years BBY. Now, as I write this post, I'm reading the adventures of a young Han Solo, a mere 5 years BBY.

Along the way I've learned much about the Star Wars Galaxy, as I have about myself. You may laugh, yes, but you would be surprised how deeply the moral and practical lessons that the Star Wars mythos teaches us resonate with the real world. Lessons of discipline, of acceptance, of love- and, of course, fear, anger and hate.

Join me in this wonderful adventure, which I hope never, ever has to end.

May the Force Be With You, Always.


  1. hello

    found my way into here looking for more info on the EU in the Star Wars webpage (used to be easier to find!)

    I got hooked on the EU novels back in 93 when a friend in high school loaned me the original Zahn trilogy (Heir to the EMpire). I've been devouring them ever since (albeit with lulls every now and then). SOme of them are excellent (particularly any by T.Zahn), others are HORRIBLE! lousy writing (darksaber? children of the jedi? and a few others) But in general they're all entertaining!

    Personally I've had trouble feeling the same connection to the pre-(original trilogy)movie novels, they don't have the same pull as those featuring Luke, Leia, Han and their kids...

    I'll poke around in here and see what you have to say! ;o)

  2. thanks for joining my blog! Yea, even the bad ones have something great to give, don't they? I know a lot of people who don't like the prequel saga and earlier. That's ok! Even if you can't stand Jar Jar and Ani, you should check out Tales of the Jedi (graphic novels compiled in 1997?). Those have a more original star wars EU feel to them.

    Hope to see you around my blog!

  3. I've been interested in the graphic novels for a while (I picked up the ones related to Mara Jade, my favourite new EU character!), but in the long run it becomes too pricey! I got quite a bit of info about them though through the "New Essential Chronology" a few years back.

    And yeah, you'll see me around here from time to time, probably more as you get into books I've actually read! :p

  4. Awesome! Mara is a great character! My friend loves her (he's obsessed with redheads). Issues with crushing on fantasy characters aside, glad to have you on board!

    And yes, it's all very expensive :(